Day 2 | Stakeholder Engagement

Convening providers and community stakeholders to work toward the common goal of exceptional healthcare in Iowa and across the nation.

Target Audience

The Annual Forum sessions will benefit physicians, CEOs, CFOs, senior administrators, nurses, quality assurance professionals, trustees/ board members, clinic managers, infection control professionals, hospital pharmacy directors, clinical pharmacists and other healthcare personnel.

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Welcome and Introduction

Today if you are in healthcare you have to know how to innovate and be ready to lead and participate fully with other stakeholders in providing care and supporting population health. Disruptive forces … such as the pandemic, the opioid crisis, poor use of medications, disparities in outcomes, … are causing rapid and evolutionary changes in healthcare. We are moving to integrated delivery systems tailored to population groups and managed for exceptional outcome and financial results. Tom Evans will describe how we can work together at the state and community level to make that happen. He will introduce the “Yes And Leadership” team to share a proven set of mindsets and methods that we can use to move forward together, fast.


  • Create movement among participants toward a community of practice pursuing innovation in local healthcare service delivery.


Intervening in the Current Drift - to Achieve Innovation Through Partnerships, Abundance and Results

Dennis Wagner of “Yes And Leadership” and John Chessare MD, President and CEO of Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), describe their individual and shared experiences in stepping into challenging situations to set bold new directions. Wagner shares a set of powerful methods for sustaining resilience and working with other stakeholders to bring greater abundance into our work and life. Resilience uses purpose and partners to overcome the inevitable breakdowns that leadership efforts encounter. Dr. Chessare describes the GBMC community board and stakeholder experience that produced a powerful new organizational vision, and that ultimately led to achieving the prestigious national 2020 Malcolm Baldrige Award.


  • Discover how bold aims and proven methods can propel uplifting individual growth, teaming with others, resilience and results.
  • Show how innovation can have a community hospital and health system achieve greater provider satisfaction and population health results.
  • Use a set of methods for sustaining resilience in ourselves and others, while engaging community stakeholders in innovation.


Accelerate Teaming, Stakeholder Engagement and Results through the Language of Leadership

Engage and learn with a panel of leaders from several high performing, local, community-based healthcare providers. Surface specific healthcare, community engagement and leadership practices that are able to accelerate innovation. Learn the Leadership Speech Acts that enable you to spread and scale innovation. Leadership Speech Acts are contrasted with the corresponding deadly non-leadership speech acts and presented as tools to be immediately applied and shared with others. The team from “Yes And Leadership” will facilitate an all-teach, all-learn work session. Participants will experiment with how they and others can incorporate powerful leadership methods into their innovation game plans.


  • Discover powerful examples of community and stakeholder engagement and results from peers.
  • Support a commitment to use and test these leadership methods as members of “a community of practice pursuing innovation in local healthcare service delivery.”
  • Dennis Wagner, MPA, Principal and Managing Director, Yes and Leadership, Alexandria, VA and John Chessare MD, MPH, President and CEO, Greater Baltimore Medical Center Health System, Baltimore, MD Innovation is a way to achieve meaningful results in organizations and communities. Innovation flows from leadership bold aims and succeeds by applying clear methods for sustaining resilience and generating abundance with partners.
  • Panel with Zandra Glenn, PharmD, RPh, Independent Consultant, Tallahassee, FL and Dennis Wagner, MPA, Principal and Managing Director, Yes and Leadership, Alexandria, VA Facilitator: John Scanlon, PhD, Executive Architect 
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